3 & 6 Month Inspections: What to expect

With the tenancy process now underway, it’s time for a property manager to conduct an inspection of this home. Though they may have had their hopes up when finding someone new in such close proximity with less than two months left on their lease; nothing could be more satisfying than seeing them settled into place and knowing there won’t any issues arising out-of-the blue anytime soon.

For The Landlord.

The Property Manager is an excellent way to assure that the home you’re renting out stays in good shape. By conducting inspections, they can tell whether or not their tenant takes care of it like it should be cared for (and if anything needs fixing). Your investment will grow with every inspection!

How are these inspections conducted?

Property managers St Kilda will be sure to let the landlord know about any upcoming inspection they are planning on conducting. If there are queries or concerns, it’s important for them to raise these beforehand so that anything can be taken into consideration before viewing begins. PMSK taking detailed videos throughout each room is recommended.

For The Tenant

It is an exciting feeling to have moved into a new place and made it your own. With the help of PMSK, you would have begun your lease informed and welcomed, with good communication. After an extensive screening process, the property manager and landlord feel confident you’ll be the right tenant for them. The routine inspections by Property Managers St Kilda are there to ensure the home is in good condition with your care.

What to expect with routine inspections.  

Property managers St Kilda is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of communication. That’s why we give ample amount of notification before our planned routine inspection, which ensures that you can work it around your calendar and not worry about missing an important appointment because we informed tenants ahead!

Our landlord and property managers hope to see a well looked after home, so it might be helpful if you could give the place some TLC before their arrival. They’ll get an idea of what condition all of floors are in as well as any surface damage or imperfections that need attention ahead-of time!