Getting Your Bond Back

Here’s a quick checklist of what you need to do before the end of your rental agreement so that everything runs smoothly and get 100% of your bond back. Don’t forget to read up on Consumer Affairs Victoria renters guide as well!


If you receive your refund at the end of a rental agreement, then that should be four weeks of ordinary rent. If it’s not enough there might have been an issue with how property was handed over so your first step would be to contact, you property manager.

If you don’t want to end up with less than what’s owed on your bond, there are plenty of things that can be done.

Before you can get a bond refund, it is important that the information in your account is up-to date and correct, your property manager is the best person to speak to about this.  You also need contact details for when something goes wrong with this process or if someone else needs access during an emergency response time frame with regards to a repair.

Start With The Condition Report.

The condition of your rental property is one of the most important factors in getting a bond back. When you signed your contract, before moving into any house or apartment for that matter, there should have been an initial report outlining its current state with details about what has occurred since then written down on paper so it can be verified against when checking up on things later down the line if needed.

If something major was fixed without being documented properly—like replacing all broken windows because termites ate through them while they’re fixed but left behind old window units instead-then this would count as maintenance work meaning less value available at renewal time

Leave By The Right Date & Return All Your Keys.

In order to avoid incurring extra charges, it’s important for tenants to plan ahead. Most will leave by the last date on their rental agreement but there are some scenarios where this may not be possible – such as if you have personal matters come up unexpectedly or an emergency forces your stay past a certain point. In these cases just bringing up any concerns with your property manager to negotiate a new date and a daily rental charge.

After you vacate your property, it is essential that all the keys are returned to ensure a smooth transition. These can include garage door openers and key rings for windows as well side gate access cards or house doe handles if they exist onsite at our properties in order to make sure there’s someone living there!


You may think that the things in your life are beyond repair, but sometimes they can be treated with love.

You initially take responsibility for fixing what you deem damaged because it’s usually something that has been worked on by hand or otherwise cared for over time; however, there will come across features which need more than just careful attention from someone who knows how to care properly- like an experienced handyman!

Hire A Professional Cleaner.

When you’re planning to move out, it is important that all appliances and fixtures are taken care of. You might need professional help cleaning them but first ensure they work properly by going around your home with an inventory list making note any potential repairs needed before leaving for good! For a good quality cleaner, speak to your property manager.



One of the best things you can do to get your bond back is by understanding how this whole process works, calling RTBA and asking for information on their website. Another good options would be speaking with your property manager about what they think might have happened in order for me ask these questions: Was there ever any issue? How long did it usually take before getting results like those shown above (i.e., unpaid rent)?