Tenant Resources

Property Managers St Kilda is here to make your life as easy and straightforward as possible. We know how stressful leasing can be, which is why our goal from day one has been to create a tenancy agreement that’s simple but still covers all the important bases. You’ll find everything in this guide – including what happens when you move out!


Would you prefer to speak with one of our staff members during their office hours? Our office is open from Monday to Friday 9am-5:30pm. You can reach out by email or phone if the need arises outside these times, and we will provide an emergency number in case it becomes necessary for us come into contact with you after business hours have ended on a Saturday/Sunday (though this should be minimal).


The Residential Tenancies Bond Authority ensures there is security against any unfortunate situations like damage inflicted on the property that cannot be adequately justified. This bond will be paid prior to lease, but a condition inspection report must still take place before it can happen–and this means you’ll have your home in perfect shape when moving-in day comes!

As soon as your tenancy is complete, we will conduct an inspection to make sure the property matches what it looked like before you took over. Once this has been done and there are no new damages or concerns with payment compliance, our full bond can be refunded in full provided that all due payments have also been completed on time.


There are a few methods of rent payment. You may request the monthly amount be automatically withdrawn from your bank account, ensuring that there’s always money in it for you! Or instead choose direct deposit or B-Pay as an alternative approach to paying up on time each month — just let us know what kind of method is more convenient when our customer service representatives get back in touch with y’all tomorrow morning at 9am central standard times zones (daylight savings included).


You will receive one set of keys to your new property once you’ve signed up for our service. While this particular key is only good at night, a duplicate can be made available in case it’s needed and approved by management or landlord consent! If there are any changes on locksmiths services that need updating please let us know as soon as possible so they may be updated accordingly !”


You will be notified of your periodic inspections, and given ample time to make any needed repairs or renovations before they’re done.

A professional inspection takes place at least once every six months during the tenancy agreement’s first year; thereafter it occurs bi-yearly/twice per calendar year (every other season).


At the beginning of a new tenancy, as the tenant you must notify your utility companies to have them placed in your name. You can also arrange for meter readings upon moving into and out! We’re here if ever need help with any information or assistance- just give us a call today.”


If you’re looking for peace of mind, it’s important to protect your personal belongings. Property Managers Footscray strongly recommends insuring against loss or damage with a high-quality policy that covers all the items in and around an apartment building such as furniture (including dishes), clothing; bikes/equipment-even pets!


You can notify required maintenance and repairs to our Online Manager Service Tool. It’s important you complete these forms as soon as possible, so that we can find a time when tradespeople come out for assessment of damage in your building; otherwise they might miss any leaks if left unchecked!


A tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract and the Terminating tenant must provide 28 days of written notice to their landlord. There are many different ways termination could occur: if you leave after your lease ends, agree on continuing living in an apartment or house with no intention of returning; providing more than 1 month’s worth as rent as compensation for breaking any part(s)of their Residential Tenancy Agreement (RTAA).